About Nifty Gadgets

Nifty Gadgets is all about innovation and people

Aiming to tackle daily inconveniences in order to make life easier for everyone, with smart products that are both practical and convenient. Our products are primarily created locally, but we search the world to find practical solutions, that are easily available on our website, with quick delivery to you.

With COVID-19 impacting so many facets of our lives, both personal and business, Nifty Gadgets has brought together an innovative collection of products to help you feel safer. Products are simple to use, making life easier and more convenient for their users.


Team Mission

Nifty Gadgets is driven by a team of innovative people who are passionate about bringing quality products to you, making your day-to-day life easier and more convenient. Nifty Gadgets focuses on working with small businesses, using local companies to manufacture our products, while creating jobs for individuals and local businesses. We want to keep life simple, innovative and convenient, so work constantly to keep the most innovative selection of products available to you.


Supporting Local

As the world faces a massive transition across so many facets of life, businesses are shutting down, people are losing jobs, and the fear of “what’s next” is always there. The team at Nifty Gadgets tries to do all that we can to support local small businesses, and provide jobs where we can. This is incredibly important to us, and your support helps us to help others.

Meet the team

Orlando Vargas

Chief Innovator

Orlando is one of the founding members of Nifty Gadgets. He has built up a number of businesses over the years, creating strong brands with loyal customers who support the brands not only because of the highest-quality products and service, but because of the personal attention and care.

Michelle Fok

Company Commander General Director and founder of Nifty Gadgets

Michelle takes charge of the administrative, operational and team management side of the business. After studying architecture and public health in university, Michelle co-founded entertainment and fitness company, The CIRK, as well as being an active member of an NPO. Michelle now works with Nifty Gadgets to bring the best products to the market, using her knowledge in business, designing and public health.

Johnny Zakkas

Innovation Hunter

Johnny is our product hunter and manufacturer. He sources innovative products, and designs to create new ones, so we’re always ahead of the curve when bringing you products to make your life easier. Johnny has decades of experience in the business world, building up and managing over 47 companies to great success.

Eric Zakkas

Company Commander

Technician and designer, Eric Zakkas brings technical and designing expertise to Nifty Gadgets. With extensive experience in his field, Eric consults on the look and feel of some of the products, while applying his designing skills to marketing collateral and technical specifications.

Nifty Gadgets

Simple. Innovated.Convenient.

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